Are you affected by suicidal feelings?

Suicidal thoughts and feelings are preoccupations about taking one’s life. Suicide is the act of intentionally taking your life.

Everyone’s experience of suicidal feelings is unique to them. Suicidal feelings sometimes pass quickly but can still be very intense. It may feel less like the person wants to die and more like that they want to stop living the life they have or stop feeling the way they are feeling.

Causes of suicidal thoughts include social isolation, sexuality, employment, mental health problems, genetics, trauma, depression, anxiety chronic or terminal medical conditions, substance misuse and addiction.

Talking about suicidal thoughts continues to be the most helpful approach to overcoming the stigma that has and still to this day acts as a barrier to accessing support.

Conventional therapy or counselling views dealing with the risk of suicide as a slow healing journey to get results. At Primal Energetics, we take a different approach.

The Primal Energetics Method

Suicidal ideation affects your energy systems. The best way to stop a cycle of accumulated negative thinking is to re-balance your energy, lowering the intensity of the suicidal feelings.

Our pioneering suicide treatment believes suicide is preventable. The Primal Energetics System is a combined therapy that works with your inner energy pattern and your relationship to negative self-talk. We treat the immediate symptoms of feelings of hopelessness more effectively than many other approaches.

Our Stage One ‘Re-Balance’ treatment comprises four 90-minute sessions. It works to reduce client feelings of hopelessness and restore energy balance.

We offer a dual approach that is solutions-based. We offer Energy Work (accessing and aligning the inner energy system), plus Psychological Support (talking therapy, lifestyle enhancement advice, understanding root cause).

Primal Energetics offers you a pioneering way to combat suicidal ideation that works faster than most other conventional therapies. All our methods are 100% safe, and highly transformative for body, mind and soul.

Our approach believes the causes of suicide are energy-centred and avoidable. The symptoms of suicidal thinking can be treated by working with the energy systems.

Try Primal Energetics ‘Re-Balance’ treatment.

In just four 90-minute sessions you’ll:

• Experience fast-acting emotional and energetic uplift

• See how your energy systems are depleted and can be restored

• Find effective strategies and solutions to life problems.

More about the Primal Energetics Stage One ‘Suicide’ treatment

Common signs of suicidal feelings

Loss or desperation

Not seeing a future


Disconnection from others




Extreme sadness

Ambivalent about life

Signs of physical change linked to suicidal feelings



Physical appearance



Weight changes

General health

Latest Research on Suicide

There were 6,507 suicides in the UK in 2018. (Samaritans Suicide Report 2019)

There has been a significant rise in the male suicide rate since 2013. In the UK, men are three times more likely than woman to take their own lives.

Suicide is the biggest killer of young people aged 16-24. Bereavement, abuse, neglect, self-harm, mental or physical ill health, and experiencing academic pressures are just some of the common risk factors for suicide among young people.

79% of global suicides occur in low and middle income countries.

Self-harm, a common risk factor for suicide, is more common among young people than other age groups. Self-harm increased across all age groups between 2000 and 2014, but it increased the most among young women.

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