Do you suffer from SAD?

Many people experience depressive episodes in the winter and feel better in the summer. The medical term for this condition is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Symptoms include a lack of energy and drowsiness during the day.

At Primal Energetics we have an intensive, fast-acting approach that treats SAD by challenging conventional treatments and helping reduce its effects.

Our pioneering wellbeing treatment works with your inner energy pattern and the relationship of the unconscious with your everyday conscious life.

We use a blend of energy-based treatments alongside psychological support to access, activate, and analyse your unconscious. Our methods are 100 per cent safe, natural, and highly effective.

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The Primal Energetics Method

At Primal Energetics, we take a different route to helping people who have depression with a seasonal pattern. Our pioneering treatment moves beyond ‘talking’ therapy to take a psycho-energetic approach.

Depression create blocks in your energy-flow and compounds negative feeling. SAD is a mental health challenge that can be energetically cleared at your energetic top-level, reducing its negative effects.

Try our Stage One ‘Re-Balance’ treatment. A series of treatment room sessions that will help ease the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder and re-align your inner energy.

In just four 90 sessions working with the Primal Energetics team, you’ll:

• Feel deep relief during each 45 minute energy treatment

• Experience fast-acting emotional and energetic uplift

• See how SAD creates distortions in your energy systems

• Get insight as to why SAD is affecting you and how to treat it

• Receive psychological support tailored to your SAD.

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What is SAD

SAD is linked to reduced exposure to sunlight which disrupts the circadian rhythm (body clock). Lifestyle measures, light therapy and talking therapies are conventionally recommended to ease SAD. At Primal Energetics, we go beyond this approach to reinvigorate your energy system and find the root cause of SAD symptoms.

Symptoms of SAD

Persistent low mood


Lethargy in the day



Weight gain


Stressed or anxiety

Potential risk of suicide

Common triggers of SAD

Reduced sunlight hours in winter

Staying indoors

Lack of exercise

Hormonal imbalance

Latest research on SAD

Popular treatments for SAD include talk therapy, light therapy, dawn simulation, mind-body techniques, medication (antidepressants), and increased physical exercise.

10 to 20 per cent of recurrent depression cases follow a seasonal pattern.

In North America, SAD prevalence increased with latitude, with cases of SAD increasing from Florida (1.4%) to Alaska (9.9%)

Young adults and women are most likely to experience SAD with the reported gender difference ranging from 2:1 to 9:1

Supplementary and alternative treatments are common for SAD because light therapy is not sufficient for all patients.

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