Body Pain

Affected by extreme pain or fatigue?

Body pain and fatigue are common symptoms of many conditions such as flu, over-working, physical injury, or a more serious health condition.

Acute pain is a ‘normal’ sensation triggered by the nervous system, whilst chronic pain is persistent and affects one in 10 people. It doesn’t improve with rest. All body pain can lead to mental health problems when it is persistent and unexplained.

The main symptom of extreme fatigue is feeling very tired and generally unwell. Similar to  body pain, fatigue can lead to mental health problems when it is erratic and unexplained.

A psycho-energetic integrated treatment (treating the inner energy pattern, combined with talking therapy) can effectively alleviate symptoms of body pain or fatigue and get to their root causes.

Primal Energetics uses a fast-acting psycho-energetic approach that treats pain and fatigue in relation to the human chakra system. Our pioneering three-stage psycho-energetic system works with your inner energy pattern and the relationship of the unconscious with your everyday conscious life.

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The Primal Energetics Method

Pain affects your energy systems. Our pioneering pain and fatigue treatment, the Primal Energetics System, is a combined therapy that works with your inner energy pattern and the relationship of the unconscious upon your everyday life. This allows us to treat the immediate symptoms of pain and fatigue more effectively than many other approaches.

Our Stage One ‘Re-Balance’ treatment comprises four 90-minute sessions. It works to reduce client the effects of pain or fatigue and restore your energy balance.

We offer a dual approach that is solutions-based. We offer Energy Work (accessing and aligning the inner energy system), plus Psychological Support (talking therapy, lifestyle enhancement advice, understanding root cause).

Primal Energetics offers a pioneering way to combat pain and fatigue that works faster than most other conventional therapies. All our methods are 100% safe, and highly transformative for body, mind and soul.

Our approach believes the causes of most physical illness are energy-centred. Try Primal Energetics ‘Re-Balance’ treatment. In just four 90-minute sessions you’ll:

• Feel deep relaxation during each energy session

• Enjoy fast-acting emotional and energetic uplift

• See how your unconscious stores pain

• Get greater insight as to the root cause of pain.

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Common forms of Body Pain and Fatigue

Body cramps

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME)

Chronic pain




Headaches and migraine

Increased blood pressure

Muscle spasms


Persistent body ache

Physical injury

Stress-induced inflammation

Latest research on Body Pain

Over 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain worldwide.

27% of chronic pain is lower back pain.

15% of body pain is headaches or migraine.

Chronic pain is the number one cause of long-term disability.

Women are twice as likely to suffer from severe headaches or migraines than men.

77% of people who have body pain report feeling depressed due to their chronic pain.

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