Symbol Analysis



Your unconscious produces dream-like images that contain significant meaning. It was previously thought that the only way to encounter unconscious content was in certain behaviour (illness, neurosis), in dreams when we sleep, or fantasy thinking.

Primal Energetics has discovered a new way to access unconscious images while you are both awake and aware.

Once accessed, we study your images and take you on a journey towards self-realisation and positive development of the psyche.


How we work with your unconscious Images

Images produced by the Unconscious tend to be symbolic and therefore highly meaningful. All symbols are complex, many are eternal, and they all contain both negative and positive qualities. Symbolic content should be carefully analysed and understood to decide on their meaning.

When analysing your inner images, Primal Energetics work with twelve different symbol types. Each type has its own function that progresses your conscious understanding of your energetic life within. Knowing what your images mean reveals how they promote psychological healing and encourage self-development.


The Significance of Symbols

Symbols are profound and do not have just one singular meaning. They have lots of meanings and hold both positive and negative qualities. The task is not decoding them, but knowing why a specific image has appeared and what it represents in relation to your unique energy pattern.

We help you understand and relate to not just your personal symbols, but the often complex, mythological, or religious collective symbols you may experience.


How working with symbols helps you overcome problems  

Understanding your symbols helps you in a number of ways. First, it identifies the source of problems or blocks. Second, it helps us find solutions to those problems and blocks and, third, it allows us to monitor whether those solutions are working effectively.


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