Your Six Steps To Success

Whatever your problem, our six-step process is the key to your transformation.  We work with you, as a team, to harness the power of your unconscious for rapid uplift and high impact change.

  1. Access
    Our energy therapist accesses your unconscious by reading your unique Energy Signature and working with your energy systems.
  2. Alignment
    Any damage or blocks in your energy systems are cleared, returning them to their natural state of balance and realignment.
  3. Activation
    During the energy work, your unconscious emits personal, dreamlike images and fantasy sequences which are observed and documented by the energy therapist.
  4. Analysis
    Our Symbolic Analyst interprets the meaning and significance of this archetypal content to allow it to be understood in relation to your energy pattern and everyday life behaviour.
  5. Attitude
    We work to help you integrate the new knowledge found in your unconscious into your consciousness, allowing a new attitude to form.
  6. Action
    Finally, you get to live out your new or adapted attitude in your day-to day life and
    see your energy manifest with new life-affirming vitality.

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