At Primal Energetics, we’ve created an effective process for helping couples re-balance and restore their relationship.

Our focus on each partner’s unconscious aspect offers us a unique insight into the root causes of the relationship’s problems and the ways to create future harmony.


We specifically structure the treatments to enable deep healing to take place on both an individual and couple level. By the end of the process, each partner will understand and be able to work with the following information:

  • Their own inner psychology and how that affects the relationship
  • Each other’s inner psychology and how that affects the relationship
  • Both similarities and differences of each partner’s unconscious relationship and inter-relating patterns
  • The dynamics of the relationship

Treatment Process

We begin the process with four, 120 minute sessions, spread over 2 to 4 weeks. 

In every session, each partner receives a 45 minute energy therapy treatment and 45 minutes of analysis. The final 30 minutes of the session is a group discussion exploring and working with the unconscious content that has been uncovered.

A follow-up report details and explains the points raised during the treatment process with recommendations of practises and exercises to be completed, moving forward.

Further sessions, either as an individual or a couple, can be can be booked, if necessary.

To start your healing journey with Primal Energetics call 0330 133 0266 or email