DENISE VAN OUTEN, EDDIE BOXSHALL try primal's couples counselling

Primal Energetics stars in an episode of a new podcast hosted by celebrity couple Denise Van Outen and Eddie Boxshall. The show looks at how alternative therapy might help Denise and Eddie's relationship troubles.

Primal Energetics features in the fourth episode of Before We Say I Do called 'Psychoenergetic Therapy.'

Denise and Eddie chose Primal Energetics as one of six alternative therapies to help them on a journey to improve their relationship.

The couple plan to marry this year after lockdown ends, but wanted to iron out any relationship problems before they tie the knot.

Mark Johnstone, founder of Primal Energetics and guest therapist for the couple said: "Denise and Eddie were certainly an intriguing pair to work with. They got to enjoy many of the unique phenomenon that occur during a Primal Energetics treatment, while they also showed the courage to divulge a few secrets to one another."

Off the back of the success with Denise and Eddie, Primal Energetics has launched a new Couples' Therapy for partners who want to enhance their relationship using the psychoenergetic approach. The therapy views couples as two rival energy systems that can be harmonised to work in loving unity with the right strategies in place.

Denise and Eddie were the first couple to try the new couples' therapy. They experienced many of the popular phenomenon the treatment offers, including:

  • Remote 'tuning in’ to the couple’s personal images of the unconscious.
  • Distance energy healing from a trained Primal Energetic energy worker
  • Expert analysis of what their inner energy means in terms of psycho-spiritual health
  • Talk therapy focused on their relationship from a psychoenergetic perspective.

Johnstone said: "Denise and Eddie had never experienced energy work or talking therapy before. But the Primal Energetics System was ideal for getting to the root cause of relationship issues quickly and safely. It lets couples understand each other in terms of their unique personalities and as a unit."

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Denise Van Outen with Eddie Boxshall, her partner of seven years.

Tune in to Before We Say I Do and see how Primal Energetic’s unique form of therapy revealed and interpreted Denise and Eddie’s unconscious content which presented itself in spontaneous and often surprising ways.

The podcast also gives an exclusive insight into the method used by Primal Energetics to analyse the unconscious. The method, known as Symbolic Analysis, shows how meaning can be made of the otherwise puzzling and somewhat mystical content that is stored in the unconscious and affects our thoughts and behaviour.

Johnstone said: "In the end, Denise and Eddie saw a unique and profound glimpse of each other’s hidden selves. Primal Energetics wishes them a happy future together and a marriage they can live out with a deeper understanding of each other, for better or for worse."

Before We Say We Do with Primal Energetics is available to download.

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