Inside the Human Chakra System

THE HUMAN Chakra System

The chakra system dates back over 5,000 years and has been used to heal the body and reveal the mystical information stored in these energy centres.

The chakra system hails from the East and is one of the most complete energy systems still used for wellbeing and spiritual growth today. It is popularly known to comprise seven major energy centres that are present in every human. There are actually more energy centres than these seven. Most people remain unaware of these energy points and the effect they can have on our health and daily life.

The function of chakras is to spin and draw in life energy to maintain the spiritual, mental,emotional and physical health of the body in balance. When an energy centre is not functioning with good flow or if it is blocked, imbalanced energy states or illness can occur. These centres should be ideally in a state of balance and alignment in order for the body and mind to function in a healthy manner.

Visioning Chakras

A professional energy worker is trained in the art of visioning the chakras. Visioning means any method of experiencing the chakra and may involve seeing, feeling, intuiting or sensing the energy at its appropriate location.

All energy workers have own way to vision chakras and diagnose their condition. At Primal Energetics, we vision chakra states at a highly intuitive level that goes beyond the idea of the chakras being "spinning discs" or "light"as has been popularly believed by some.

We gather and present back to clients' accurate information about their chakra states. That includes light aura, colour, energetic flow, condition, shape, and any damage. Furthermore, we assess the performance of each chakra based on the Primal Energetic unique analytical framework, the “Five Cs”.

INSIDE The Chakra System

The chakras are set out in a line starting from the base of the spine to the crown area, just above the top of the head. Each chakra has a different function, power and even colour, affecting different aspects of a person’s life such as their intuition, relatedness to others, and emotional and mental health. Together, the chakras form an integrated system – a complete, interconnected energy flow that also includes meridians and the major organs.

Some critics say much of the Western study of chakras (Chakrology to give its New Age neologism) is diverse and inconsistent with ancient spiritual sources. However, what stands firm is that these energy centres do exist and can be powerfully corresponded to psychological and physiological functioning.

See below to find out how each chakra has its own nature and connects to a unique aspect of your psycho-energetic being:

Base or Root Chakra – Muladhara (Sanskrit, meaning “root”)

Location                      base of spine

True colour                red

Element                       earth

Sound vibration      Lam (pronounced lum)

Related to                   primal energy, survival, grounding in life,physical vitality

Body issues                varicose veins, rectal and immune disorders, lower back pain,

Emotional issues    personality disorders, OCD, depression,death anxiety, abandonment fears, ability to provide for oneself and others, over-attachment to home

Spiritual issues        problems in the womb, disruption in early development (0-18                                           months), ancestral energies, rituals, tribal belonging      

Motto                           “I exist”


Sacral Chakra – Svadhishthana (Sanskrit, meaning “where self is established”)

Location                      navel

True colour                yellow

Element                       fire

Sound vibration      Ram

Related to                   desire, relationships, creativity, survival,sexual vitality

Body issues                large intestine, sexual organs, bladder, hips

Emotional issues     addiction, fear of loss of control, sexualguilt

Spiritual issues         enthusiasm, attraction, happiness, disruption in early                                            development (0-18 months),

Motto                            “…”


Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura (Sanskrit, meaning “jewel city”)

Location                      root of sexual organs

True colour                orange

Element                      water

Sound vibration     Vam

Related to                  projection and perception of self, self-image,self-esteem, inner                                          critic

Body issues               abdomen, stomach, upper intestines, bowel

Emotional issues    eating disorders, anger

Spiritual issues        ego, seat of power, life success

Motto                           “…”


Heart Chakra – Anahata (Sanskrit, meaning “unstruck”)

Location                      chest

True colour                green

Element                       air

Sound vibration      Yam

Related to                   universal love, empathy, compassion

Body issues                chest, heart, lungs, circulatory system and diaphragm

Emotional issues     broken heartedness, grief, lack of compassion

Spiritual issues            

Motto                            “…”


Throat Chakra – Vishuddha (Sanskrit, meaning “purest”)

Location                      throat

True colour                blue

Element                      space

Sound vibration     Ham

Related to                  truth, communication

Body issues                throat, thyroid, trachea

Emotional issues    need to control others, self-expression

Spiritual issues         honesty, strength of will,

Motto                            “…”


Third Eye Chakra – Ajna (Sanskrit, meaning “command” or “authority”)

Location                      centre of forehead between the brows

True colour                indigo

Element                        ?

Sound vibration       Om

Related to                    intuition, inner vision, ideation, intellect,imagination

Body issues                 brain, nervous system, pineal gland

Emotional issues     emotional intelligence, learning,

Spiritual issues         psychic powers

Motto                             “…”


Crown Chakra – Sahasrara (Sanskrit, meaning “thousand-petaled”)

Location                      chest

True colour                violet

Element                       ?

Sound vibration      Om

Related to                   pure consciousness, prophecy, wisdom

Body issues                head (including fontanelle), muscular and skeletal systems, skin,

Emotional issues     joy, bliss,

Spiritual issues         highest being, self-realisation, divine connection, future vision

Motto                               “…”

Awareness of the state of all chakras is an essential yet often overlooked process that should be undertaken so as to realign the energetic health of a person. Accurate knowledge of each chakra state plus the whole chakra system can be used to fix underlying issues of imbalance and treat mind/body issues.


Looking after your ChakraS

At Primal Energetics, we not only access your full energy system, but work to enhance it. This will return your energetic state to optimal health and can have positive health benefits.

Working with our clients’ energy systems, we accurately isolate major and minor energetic blocks and chakra damage that can have severe impact on healthy functioning. Through a complete holistic programme of energy healing, talking therapies, wellbeing advice, and mind training exercises, Primal Energetics offers clients a bespoke solutions-based approach to looking after their energy.

View our client stories and see how energy centres and wellbeing do authentically correspond and can lead to accurate diagnosis and solutions-based treatment.

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