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How a new therapy was formed


In 2013, a series of negative life events saw Mark suffer a deep inner crisis that would last many months. Mark’s suffering was so overwhelming that he experienced regular spontaneous irruptions of unconscious content, common with someone experiencing what is commonly termed a "confrontation of the ego." The task to recover life energy and restore psychological order was the beginning of his journey to explore the power of the unconscious.

Mark battled to stabilise his well-being by, first, containing this unconcious content in a form of channelled writing he called “Self-Myth”. Then, by developing a self-care practice that embraced meditation, dream interpretation, and working with inner fantasies, he began to look at ways that energetic balance could be restored.

All this inner work helped Mark understand how the unconscious can be accessed. He realised the unconscious, as a part of the whole human psyche, needs to be ‘seen’, made sense of, and integrated with the conscious mind for energetic balance and self-growth.

In 2015, with newfound desire to work with the healing potential of the psyche and resolve the inner conflicts of others, Mark began to train as a psychoanalyst.


It was in 2017 that Mark would connect with a group of holistic practitioners who changed his thinking on how the unconscious could be accessed and worked. These people specialised in energy-based therapies and forms of spiritual healing.

Mark’s encounter with energy work led him to not only quickly develop his own energy healing skills, but also work with deep-layer unconscious content that went far beyond the psychic content brought up in meditations and dreams. This led to the development of a new system of energy-based treatment and therapeutic thinking that utilised many aspects overlooked by modern-day psychotherapists and counsellors.

In 2018, Mark left his psychoanalytical training to define his alternative approach to body and mind therapy. He would develop a more inclusive approach to psychotherapy, combining energy healing with psychological support. It would also embrace a deeper sympathy for the mystical dimension of the human condition and focus on a soul-based programme of self-development.

Mark began to train a group of energy healers to the Primal Energetics System. Next, patients were found and asked to test the potential of this alternative therapy on their own mental health problems. This successful development phase led to the creation of a three-stage system of energy-based insight called Psycho-Energetics. A new treatment room dynamic was also devised that allowed clients to share their suffering with not one, but two practitioners.

In 2019, Primal Energetics was launched. Its vision was to be a faster, more effective way than conventional talking therapies to reach the root cause of clients’ problems, share psycho-spiritual practices that could better ease suffering, and be a more accessible, inclusive therapeutic experience.

To this day, Primal Energetics uses the psycho-energetic method to successfully treat and help transform the lives of clients suffering from a range of body, mind, and soul-centred problems.

To learn more about Primal Energetics, call 0330 133 3904 or help@primalenergetics.co.uk

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