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What is Psycho-Energetics?
A pioneering approach to understanding and treating the body, mind and soul. Its overarching aim is to gain insight into a person’s physical and psychological well-being via their unique Energy Pattern. Psycho-Energetics uses a dual treatment approach, combining energy-based therapy and depth psychology (analysis of the unconscious) to restore order in your psyche and bring new life-affirming energies to the fore.


What is the Primal Energetics System?
A three-stage model of energy healing and psychological development. Stage One (“Re-Balance”) restores you to an inner state of well-being via our unique blend of energy work and psychological support. The latter involves a process of analysing the meanings of the inner content (dreamlike images, visions, feelings, intuitive thoughts) that naturally arise from your active unconscious state after it is accessed by the Energy Therapist. Stage Two (“Self-Realisation”) focuses on a more in-depth look at your Energy Field and its unconscious content. It gains a deep understanding of the Unconscious’ effects upon your Conscious mind. Stage Three (‘Higher Being”) seeks to unite the Unconscious and Conscious, culminating in an encounter with your Higher Self.


How will I feel after a Primal Energetics’ experience?
Most clients tell us of immediate uplift and improved well-being after each single session. But we’re more interested in long-term impact. We’ve seen our clients spiritually and psychologically change and grow as a direct result of our energy treatments and support analysis. Our ultimate goal is to help you rediscover your authentic self.


Must I do all three stages?
Everyone begins with Stage One of the Primal Energetics System. You’ll start to feel the benefits of this four-session treatment almost immediately. Within a few weeks of the treatment, even bigger changes in your life will manifest. You have the option to move onto Stage Two and Three, but this isn’t compulsory. Each of our stages progressively work at a deeper and deeper level with your Energy Field and your Unconscious. As positive life changes become more profound and evident, you’ll understand why most clients complete the full Primal Energetics System. We’re happy to discuss your needs and what works best for you.


What can Primal Energetics treat?
View a list of the most common health issues we treat.


Any conditions Primal Energetics will not treat?
We don’t take on clients who are pregnant or have serious mental illness where they are best on medication or under medical supervision. We also reserve the right not to work with anyone we deem unsuitable for our treatments.


How long does a stage take from start to finish?
We recommend clients spread their four sessions over 4 to 10 days, allowing at least 24hrs between consecutive sessions. We’ve found that this produces optimum results from your Primal Energetics experience.


How long does a session last?
One session takes 90 minutes –  your ‘check-in’ with us(10 mins), Energy Work (40 mins) and Symbolic Analysis (40 mins).


Are sessions like normal therapy?
There are a few key differences. After your private one-to-one treatment with our Energy Therapist (a treatment like no other!), you move to a three-person analytical setting in which the Symbolic Analyst joins to interpret your Unconscious content and discuss any life problems you are currently having. A key difference between Primal Energetics and other ‘talk’ therapies is that we do not focus so much on your ego-led life narrative. We believe in letting the Unconscious do the talking!


Why is the PE System known as a ‘fast-track’ approach?
We pride ourselves on offering both a highly effective well-being service and great value for money. To that end, we’ve created a challenge to conventional therapeutic approaches that is a more intensive approach to treating illness and psychological imbalance. We achieve this by safely accessing and activating the Unconscious, the deepest source of most body and mind imbalances. Time and time again, we get to the root of clients’ problems without the long timelines and expense that other ‘talk’ therapies demand.


What about confidentiality?
Our service is 100 per cent confidential. As part of our code of ethics, we agree not to discuss any part of your treatment with anyone without your prior written consent.


How much does the Primal Energetics treatments cost?
Find out our prices by contacting us at help@primalenergetics.co.uk


Do you offer any concessionary rates?
Yes, we do. At Primal Energetics we pledge to offer treatments to as many people from all walks of life as possible. Many other ‘talk’ or depth therapies are expensive, demand long-term commitment, and can be non-inclusive. We offer reduced rates if you’re a full-time student or earning less than £21,500 per year. Email help@primalenergetics to find out more.


Can I book a single session treatment?
No. We only allow bookings per stage (minimum of four sessions). This is so you can see real improvement in your life.


Where can I get a Primal Energetics treatment?
You can view our venues online. We serve Central London, as well as ‘pop up’ venues in the UK and overseas.


What are your opening hours?
Monday          10am-10pm
Tuesday          10am-10pm
Wednesday    10am-10pm
Thursday        10am-10pm
Friday             10am-10pm
Saturday        10am-10pm
Sunday           10am-10pm
Our last appointment is 8pm.


Who can I contact to discuss anything further?
If you can’t find answers to your questions here, please feel free to contact us on us on 0330 133 0266 or help@primalenergetics.co.uk. We’re always happy to help.



How do I book?
Email help@primalenergetics.co.uk or call us on 0330 133 0266 to book your free, no-obligation consultation.


Do I need to stop seeing my therapist/counsellor?
No. Primal Energetics can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in support of your traditional therapy.


How do I change or cancel my booking?
You may cancel or change an assessment or energy session booking up to 48hrs before that session takes place. To move a session time or to cancel, please email help@primalenergetics.co.uk or call 0330 133 0266. For any cancellations or missed appointments where you have not informed us within the 48hrs, you are eligible for that session fee.


What if I cannot attend due to an emergency or ill-health?
In the case of ill health, a doctor’s note must be provided to allow us to reschedule your session. We consider other emergencies on a case-by-case basis.


Energy Work

What exactly is a Primal Energetics Energy Therapy?
It is a non-touch, light-based energy healing treatment that lasts around 40 minutes per session. Our qualified Energy Therapist works to re-establish your energy balance and cleanse the body’s Energetic Centres to improve energy flow (Stage One: Re-Balance). The Energy Therapy also works to unite your Conscious and Unconscious to create wholeness and selfhood (Stage Two: Self-Realisation). Finally, the Therapist is able to connect you to your Higher Self. In this way you gain understanding about your self-power and also how to integrate that empowerment into your everyday life (Stage Three: Higher Being).


Is Primal Energetics a form of spiritual healing?
Spiritual healing is a form of energy-based therapy. We work with clients from differing belief systems and religious faiths. Some clients do experience Primal Energetics’ energy work in a spiritual way (especially Stages Two and Three). Others don’t. Your Primal Energetics experience is unique to you. Whatever form it takes, it will be right for your needs and our system adapts to you.


Is Primal Energetics like Reiki?
No. Reiki does work on a few of your Energy Centres. However, at Primal Energetics we offer a more advanced technique that focuses on more of your Energy Centres and at a deeper level.  We also offer psychological insight alongside our Energy Work. Together, this combined approach offers you an unrivalled form of body, mind and soul treatment that is a superior form of treatment than Reiki.


What is my Energy Pattern?
Quantum physics has proven that all atoms are made of swirling vortexes of energy. Because our bodies are comprised of atoms, it means that we’re made up of vortexes of energy too. Your Energy Pattern is your unique signature of energy motion. Naturally, your Energy Pattern is ever-changing as your energy is an active state. Our work at Primal Energetics is to balance your Energy Systems to achieve increased life energy.


What is my Energy Field?
The expression as energy of your body, your conscious mind and the Unconscious. We also use the term ‘Energy Systems’.


What are Energy Centres?
These are energetic focal points within the Energy Field which hold their own energetic expression. These focal points can become damaged or blocked. The Energy Centres we work with include the twelve Chakras, your body’s major organs, the meridian lines, and the aura.


What is damaged or blocked energy?
Although invisible, energy is matter and matter can get disrupted by illness, emotional problems, and life crises. This then manifests in your body as poor psychological functioning, unconscious behaviours (e.g. nervous tics, compulsions, overwhelming emotions), disassociation and disease. By treating the blockages, your body can begin to restore itself.


How is your Energy Therapist able to work with energy?
Everyone has the ability to live with their ever-changing Energy Field without it affecting their daily function. That is, until their Field becomes damaged and manifests as illness or psychological imbalance. Our Energy Therapist is sensitive and highly attuned to other’s energy. Also, she has an extremely developed Energy Field of her own; force enough to act as an energetic ‘magnet’ between herself and client. With this natural magnetism, she is able to tune in and access any Energy Field during a treatment. From there, the work to re-balance and heal any energy blocks or damage begins.


How do you access my Energy Field?
We use a technique to relax you into a state of dream-like consciousness. This is done safely, quickly and powerfully. It is not a form of hypnosis, regression therapy, NLP or subliminal messaging.


Am I fully clothed during the treatment?


Is my body touched during the treatment?
The Energy Work is mostly a non-touch experience. Sometimes, the Energy Therapist may briefly touch your feet, head or back. This is person-specific. We’re happy to adapt your treatment to be completely non-touch, if you prefer.


What does aligning my energy mean?
Our Energy Therapist uses a non-touch method to re-balance your energy system. The specific means of alignment vary from person to person and treatment to treatment. It all depends on what shows up in your personal Energy Signature.


What does activating my Energy Field mean?
By opening up your Unconscious depths, the Energy Therapist activates the Unconscious which ‘speaks’ in symbols and images.


Where do Symbols come from?
The Unconscious.


What is the Unconscious?
This is the totality of all psychic phenomena and instinctual forces that are not conscious. The Unconscious is made up of two strata. First, the Personal Unconscious holds everything that you’ve repressed, do not want to face, stored as a memory, or neglected within yourself. Beyond this layer is the Collective Unconscious which shows you are not just a product of personal experience, but also an inherited, universal energy pattern which expresses itself in instinctual forces which are regulated by Archetypes.


What are Archetypes?
Structural elements or ideas of the psyche that have likely existed since ancient times. Archetypes tend to remain active in the Unconscious until brought into personal experience as Archetypal images and Symbolic ideas of the conscious mind. The Primal Energetics Energy Work activates archetypal images and ideas which display themselves regularly as repeating motifs with meaningful qualities. Some well-known Archetypes include the shadow, the wise old man, the goddess, and the child.


How do you work with my Images?
Images produced by the Unconscious tend to be symbolic and therefore highly meaningful. All symbols are complex, many are eternal, and they all contain both negative and positive qualities. Symbolic content should be carefully analysed and understood to abstract meaning. When analysing your inner images, Primal Energetics work with twelve different symbol types. Each type has its own function that progresses your conscious understanding of your energetic life within. Knowing what your images mean reveals how they promote psychological healing and encourage self-development.


How do you access these symbolic images of the unconscious?
It was previously thought the only way to encounter Unconscious content was in manifest behaviour (illness, neurosis), in dreams when we sleep, or fantasy thinking. Primal Energetics has discovered a new way to access Unconscious content by going deeper into the client’s psyche and accessing these inner images. This takes place while the client is awake, in a state of deep relaxation.


Is this process safe?
Yes, completely. Your Unconscious ‘speaks’ in symbolic images that represent your inner energy pattern and your authentic being. We use only a natural form of Energy Work that brings forth your personal images. No two clients images are ever the same, showing that these inner images are personal to you and unique to your energy pattern.


Is this process accurate?
Extremely. Every person brings out different images from the Unconscious dependent on their psychic condition and stage of life development at the time. We have worked with clients and successfully shown their symbolic inner life represents hidden aspects of their reality which want to be brought into consciousness and expressed.


What is the Symbolic Attitude?
This is the perspective of giving privilege to the inner images and their archetypal nature. A big part of our work is to show you how working with your symbolic images is a vital and overlooked aspect of self-care.


How do my unconscious images show themselves?
The images that your unconscious ‘brings out’ during a Primal Energetics session may appear as single images or more complex dreamlike sequences. At first, they often appear bizarre or meaningless. However, after Symbolic Analysis, you’ll start to become aware of their meaningful nature and healing potential.


And you somehow decode my symbolic images?
Symbols are very profound and do not hold just one singular meaning. They have lots of meanings and have both positive and negative qualities. The task is not decoding them, but knowing why a specific image has appeared and what it represents in relation to your unique energy pattern. We help you understand not just your personal symbols, but the often complex, mythological, or religious collective symbols you may experience too.


What does ‘following the symbol’ mean?
Awareness of a recurring symbol and monitoring its evolving form into a better or worse manifestation.


What is the Self?
The ordering and unifying centre of the total psyche (conscious and unconscious). It is the central source of life energy.


What is the ego?
The centre of the conscious personality.


How do the ego and Self exist together?
A key aim of Primal Energetics is to balance your ego-Self relationship and move you towards wholeness. During your lifetime and depending on your stage of psychological development, the ego and Self separate and unite. The task is to move you to a state of wholeness and unity of the Self. The ego can then live with integrity to the Self and you can live life to your fullest potential.