Four 90 minute sessions | Energy healing + Psychological support



Stage Three seeks to raise the vibration of your inner energy signature higher still by working with the deepest layers of your Energy Field.

Symbolic Analysis continues to support a process which seeks to access your Higher Self – the deepest, most authentic part of your inner psyche.

Our ultimate task in Stage 3 is to fully connect the distant unconscious with your conscious mind towards greater wholeness.

It’s in this psychic unity that you can start to access deep inner knowledge, better move to living your true life purpose, and experience the mystical dimension of yourself.

A highly transformational experience.

To start energy-based therapy with Primal Energetics call 0330 133 3904 or email help@primalenergetics.co.uk

Treatments take place at one of our three Central London venues – Marleybone, Little Venice and Islington.

All new clients must complete treatment at Stage One before advancing to Stage Two or Three.

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