01 // 'RE-BALANCE'

Four 90 minute sessions | Energy healing + Psychological support


01 // 'RE-BALANCE'

Our main task in Stage One is to identify, locate and treat the root cause of your problems via the body's energy systems.


Our trained and highly experienced Energy Healers access your unconscious, unblocking and re-aligning energy flow. They also gather and record any psychic material that naturally ‘breaks out’ from your unconscious. This content can show itself as dreamlike images, symbolic visions, deep feelings or intuitive thoughts.


Then our Symbolic Analyst will work with you to decode the significance of this psychic material. When properly analysed, powerful insights can be used to steer the process to restore psychological and physical order.


After each of our Stage One sessions, most clients feel some form of immediate uplift. Longer-term, you can expect to see far-reaching improvement across more deep-rooted imbalances. Our goal is always to find root cause and ease suffering long-term.

To start your energy-based therapy with Primal Energetics call
0330 133 3904 or email help@primalenergetics.co.uk

Treatments takes place at one of our three Central London venues.

Please note: all new clients must complete Stage One treatment before they have the option to advance to Stage Two and Three.

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