Working Safely with CORONAVIRUS

In response to the  Covid-19 pandemic, Primal Energetics has taken the decision to:

Cease in-room energy work to adhere to the government guidelines around non-essential business's closing and prioritising social distancing.

Design and launch a new Covid-responsive version of the Primal Energetics 3-Stage treatment that features remote energy work and web-based talk therapy.

Move all talk therapy sessions online to a GDPR-compliant platform to adhere to UK government guidelines.

Launch a new series of online classes to contribute to demand for wellbeing management and home-based learning during lockdown.

Cease client home visits in respect of Primal Energetics being unable to fully manage hygiene and social distancing in an environment not our own.

A return to 'in room' energy work and talk therapy will be dictated by UK government guidelines.


Below are our ‘best practice’ procedures’ for all of our therapy spaces or client homes to minimise the transmission risk of Covid-19.

Risk assessment

Our compulsory Assessment Form for all new clients has been updated to include a section on Covid-19. It identifies clients at increased risk of infection, screens for Covid-19 symptoms and allows us to decide when not to treat.

Hygienic space

  • Our three London venues are open and run their own Covid-19 Corona ‘best practice’. This includes restricting daily client footfall and disinfecting rooms before opening and after closing sessions.
  • All therapy rooms and equipment are wiped down in-between clients by Primal Energetics therapists or venue staff.
  • All treatment rooms are checked daily to be well ventilated and do not use air conditioning.
  • Primal Energetics will supply disposable couch roll for use on treatment tables
  • Towels, couch covers, blankets, pillowcases and any other soft item is used once per client only.
  • To reduce the risk of transmission from touch, all non-essential items such as: magazines, drinks, pens, and any other items which clients may touch, are removed from waiting rooms and treatment areas.

Human distancing

  • Extended distance between chairs and treatment table to adhere to the 2m social distance rule.

Protective equipment

  • PPE gear to be worn by all staff and clients, including face shields and masks, aprons and gloves

Safe practice

  • All therapists and clients to wash hands before and after sessions.
  • All therapists will be keeping social contacts to a minimum and social distancing.
  • All therapists and clients will have their temperature checked before treatment using a non-contact thermometer.
  • We request that clients attend on their own to reduce the risk of additional contact between people.
  • Appointments may be cancelled with short notice if any staff member becomes unwell or government guidance dictates.
  • Any client who is self-isolating will be asked to suspend sessions or have on-line therapy.

As a healthcare service, we have taken into account the advice of guidance issued by regulators, relevant professional bodies, Chief Professional Officers and the NHS.

The procedure as laid out by Primal Energetics will be reviewed on a regular basis and may change at short notice based on government guidelines. We will continue to keep you updated on any further actions.

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