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A powerful alternative to therapy

Primal Energetics devised Psycho-Energetics, a pioneering, high-impact treatment for improved mental health and physical well-being. This unique approach combines energy healing techniques with modern depth psychology. Psycho-Energetics works with the deepest levels of your unconscious, accessing, aligning and analysing its inner contents. The results are fast-acting and highly effective, from diagnosing root cause of suffering, to helping you overcome life problems.

Try Our Three-Stage System

  • Four x 90 minute sessions
  • Client Report

  • Re-balances the body energy systems

  • Positive psychological change

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  • Four x 90 minute sessions
  • Client Report

  • Enhances the body energy systems

  • Developing the self

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  • Four x 90 minute sessions
  • Client Report

  • Attunes the body energy systems

  • Connecting to higher-being

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About Us

Helping you experience the healing potential of the unconscious

We’ve created a 'challenge to convention' approach to well-being that offers a fast, effective system of treating illness and psychological imbalance. By accessing the unconscious like no other treatment can, we get to the root of your problem and its solution, quickly and efficiently.
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Primal Energetics

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Client Feedback

“’Phenomenal therapy”

I have suffered from anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome for years. My soul was crying out to be heard and healed and I can honestly say that the mix of this energy work and Mark’s grounding analysis has put my life back into equilibrium in a very short period of time. Life can still be challenging, but I do not get overwhelmed by those situations as I once did. Primal Energetics is a phenomenal therapy that’s still helping me after the treatment sessions have finished. Thank you, and what an amazing team!

by CB

“So spot on”

‘’So powerful on the body and the Primal Energetics’ staff knew exactly how I was feeling and what I was going through in life. I couldn’t even work that out!!! So spot on. Would recommend them to anyone going through turmoil in life. They really turned things round for me. Thank you, guys!’’

by Bally

“Grateful for my experience”

‘’Using Primal Energetics for energy treatment changed me in ways I did not expect. I naturally began to feel so much better in many areas of my life, and things I had problems with, started to quickly align. In my time with Mark and the team, I was promoted at work and asked to sing professionally on a track. These were two things I had been working towards alone with little success. No problem now seems impossible to overcome. I would recommend these treatments to anyone and I am so grateful for my experience.’’

by Megan

“Life changing!”

“Primal Energetics’ offered enormously powerful tools to help heal my badly blocked inner energy. Not only did they work to systematically improve all my energy flow and clear negative energy, they also worked to interpret the flow of images that appeared in my mind during the healing sessions. This kind of approach is rare and very different to other complementary or talking therapies I’ve tried. Anyone who values their energetic and psychological good health should try Primal Energetics. Life-changing experience!”

by Tim

“Amazing people”

“Having found Primal Energetics I was a little unsure of what to expect but after meeting Mark and the Energy Healers my fears were laid to rest. I’ve never experienced such amazing people, their kindness and professionalism was second to none. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. Thank you so much for all your help.”

by Nana

What’s New?

‘Inside the Phenomena’, a new book from Primal Energetics

The spirit of the psyche is experienced through the pioneering work of Primal Energetics. Read the stories of those who had genuine transformation and a return to wellness following their treatments. Discover what psycho-energetics is and how this powerful revealing practice works. This book changes how we view self-care for the 21st Century. From the founder of Primal Energetics.
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