Stage 1

Purification: Your Flight into the Unconscious

Our main task in Stage 1 is to identify, locate and treat the root cause of your problems.

We do this, first, by accessing your unconscious to unblock and re-balance your energy systems. Then we gather and decode the significance of the inner images that emerge from your unconscious during the energy treatment.

These images take the form of dreamlike visions and, when properly analysed, can be used to restore psychological and physical order.

After each of our Stage 1 sessions, most clients feel some form of immediate uplift. Longer-term, you can expect to see far-reaching improvement across more deep-rooted imbalances.

Stage 2

Play: Coming to Consciousness

In Stage 2 you’ll learn how to better relate to the unconscious and become master of your psyche.

There is continuing energy work which allows us to follow the images from Stage 1 and observe new emerging content.

We introduce new forms of depth work that focus on archetypal energies stored deep in the psyche. Finally, we progress known psychological processes, such as Inner Child work and the Inner Masculine/Feminine union, with our own blend of symbolic psycho-energetic treatment.

Uplift during this phase is startling, with clients seeing huge self-growth and gaining new ways to live.

Stage 3

Purpose – Living with Higher Consciousness

Stage 3 seeks to raise the vibration of your inner Energy Signature higher still by working with the deepest layers of your Energy Field.

Symbolic Analysis continues to support a process which seeks to access your Higher Self – the deepest, most authentic part of your psyche. Our ultimate task in Stage 3 is to fully connect the distant unconscious aspect of the self with your conscious mind.

It’s in this psychic unity that you can start to access deep inner knowledge, experience profound self-realisation, and advance to living your true life purpose. A highly transformational stage.


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