Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy to Unlock Your Unconscious


At Primal Energetics we’ve developed a therapy system that is fast-acting, highly effective and focused on your transformation.

Our ground-breaking form of energy therapy is one part of that system and it has two aims; first, to access and gather information from your unconscious so we can work with you on a psycho-energetic level. Second, to unblock and re-balance your energy systems to improve the health of your body, mind and soul.

Advantages of Primal Energetics Energy Therapy

  • We understand human energy because we’ve been working effectively with Energy Systems for over a decade.
  • Through our energy work, not only do we work to clear your energy systems, we’re also able to access your unconscious. This means we can analyse and work with your personal energy pattern through Symbolic Analysis.
  • Our energy therapist is fully qualified, completing a two year energy therapy training course, accredited by BAHA (British Alliance of Healing Associations).
  • We treat many energy-centred problems focusing on the twelve Energy Centres, the major organs, meridians, and the aura. Unlike many other energy therapists, we don’t focus on just one or two areas.
  • Our energy therapist is world class and works with 17 different healing energies, some of them unique to Primal Energetics. All of them extremely powerful and restorative.
  • Over the years, we’ve developed a number of effective Energy Therapy techniques and processes that are now unique to Primal Energetics.
  • We’re constantly researching and developing new ways to work with human energy.

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