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Primal Energetics offers a range of psycho-energetic treatments focused on balancing the psyche, for your ultimate well-being.

Specialising in Energy-Based Therapies, Psychological Support, Self-Care Systems, and Wellness Experiences.

Fiza & Mark

Primal Energetics

World-class Energy Healer

Fiza, co-founder of Primal Energetics, is a former chartered accountant, business owner and entrepreneur.

She completed a two year energy healing course, accredited by BAHA (British Alliance of Healing Associations), in 2009. Since then, she has developed her own groundbreaking form of energy therapy and has worked with clients in both the UK and overseas.

Fiza specialises in treating trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, disassociation, pain and grief.

Storyteller of the Psyche

Mark is creator of psycho-energetics and developed the pioneering Primal Energetics treatment system.

A former media professional, now psycho-spiritual writer, Mark has been investigating the relationship between psyche and well-being through the study of dreams, fantasies, visions, art, and spiritual experiences for over seven years.

He has studied in several revered psychology institutes (C G Jung Institut, IGAP, CEPD, AJA, SAP) and is author of ‘Primal Energetics: Inside The Phenomena’.

Primal Energetics

Our Story

The remarkable story of how psycho-energetics and
a new form of energy-based therapy was created.

‘Inside The Phenomena’ a new book from Primal Energetics

The spirit of the psyche is experienced through the pioneering work of Primal Energetics. Read the stories of those who experienced transformation and a return to wellness following their treatment. Discover how this revealing practice works and learn how to decode the symbolic imagery we all can access when psycho-energetically evolved. Unmissable reading and a revolution as to how we look at the psyche. From the founders of Primal Energetics.